Dreams on Sunflowers

Dreams on sunflowers, série de quatre illustrations. 14x21cm environ.
Chaque page illustre une strophe de ce poème de Morgane Julien que l’on peut également retrouver dans Télescope :

Listen to me
They will shame you
Tell you are not enough
But you are awake on Mondays
Your head fuzzy with sleep
Sweet dreams of
Yellow flowers and raspy fingertips
Still stuck on
Your bloody eyeballs

Listen to me
They will tell you
That you are cowardice itself
But your body is not a landscape
You are a fort and a rifle
You are a keyboard and you
Own all the words

Listen to me
They will tell you
Crying on your open palms
That you are a divine entity
But you are needles
Not more and not less
Than an animal

Fighting in the night
Swallowing the sunlight
Tired feet flat on the grass
Falling asleep and your
Softening like moss
On an ancient war’s cannon